Master Cleanse ecover

I’ve read many many books, hardcopy and ebooks alike, about different diets, detoxification procedures, and alternative healing in general. That being said, Master Cleanse Secrets really impressed me, especially the level of detail throughout the book.

I knew what the master cleanse was before I read the book, and had even completed it previously, but when I read through the ebook, I realized there were so many things I hadn’t known about it that most likely contributed to my less than stellar results.

Easy To Understand Subsections

This Master Cleanse Secrets review is going to be a good one because I was very pleased with this ebook, but my all time favorite thing was the amount of variety within the subtopics. It wasn’t just the usual “this is how you do the diet” type book.

For example, it explained why the master cleanse was necessary and even spoke briefly about how and why toxins accumulate in our bodies. I thought this was a great thing to see, because so many times people expect us to do things without fully understanding the background behind it.

In addition to that, it broke things down into very clear sections. There was a section on preparing yourself, a section on easing into the master cleanse, and a section for finishing up and transitioning back to a healthy diet.

Many diet books focus too much on the diet, so much so that they ignore the other important aspects of it, but Master Cleanse Secrets was an all around well balanced ebook.

Equal Focus On Weight Loss And Detoxification

Detox Weight LossAnother thing that really stood out to me about this ebook was the fact that there was an equal focus on detoxification and weight loss. Detoxification is the major result of the master cleanse and weight loss can be considered a desirable side effect.

Many people, however, tend to treat any information relating to the master cleanse as if the opposite were true. Master Cleanse Secrets did a great job of explaining the detoxification process, why it’s important, and how a clean body ties in to easier weight loss.

Then it later went into specifics for weight loss on the master cleanse. I felt like both sides had a solid amount of time spent on them without overshadowing the other.

Relevant Bonus Material

If you’re familiar with ebooks like I am, then you’re probably familiar with bonus material authors put out to entice prospective customers. While that’s pretty great of them, the issue I usually have with the material is that it’s only vaguely or indirectly related to the ebook and so while it’s helpful for general information, it doesn’t help fill the need you have at the time.

Master Cleanse Secrets pleasantly surprised me once more with the super relevant bonus material that came with the ebook. My favorite was the master cleanse activity journal, which allowed you to keep track of your drinks and supplements each day, as well as your schedule, goals for the day, and room for a journal entry.

It’s definitely very motivating. Aside from that, there was a cleansing you could do your body was too toxic for the master cleanse right off the bat.

The Bottom Line

Master Cleanse Secrets is a great ebook. I think it is a necessity for anyone planning to do the master cleanse and can be a great source of knowledge for those who wish to learn about the master cleanse in detail, or even those who want a general understanding of body detoxification and its significance.

I hope my Master Cleanse Secrets review has helped you to see the importance of owning this ebook. Well, what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself one.


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