The Cranberry Juice Detox: Where Effectiveness Meets Simplicity

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Cranberry Juice

There are so many detox diets around these days, that it’s hard to know which ones are good and which ones are ineffective, or just plain dangerous.

That’s why I wanted to talk about the cranberry juice detox.

It’s one of the only detoxification diets that allow its participants to eat solid food, so it’s safe for virtually anyone, and the cranberry juice does amazing things towards cleansing your system.

QuestionWhy Cranberries?

Before I get into the specifics of the detox procedures, I want everyone to know how cranberries can cause such a powerful cleansing.

Firstly, cranberries are powerful antioxidants. What that means is they protect your immune system and your heart and blood vessels. They’re also considered to be anti-cancer.

On top of that, they reverse plaque that can form on your teeth, prevent you from getting kidney stones, and even help with urinary tract infections. As you can see, they do quite a lot, and that’s just with regular consumption.

Now you can see how a cranberry juice detox might prove beneficial.

How Does It Work?

Cranberry Juice DetoxA cranberry juice detox diet is both very simple and very flexible, which makes it easy to follow. There isn’t really a set time period, but 2 to 3 weeks is thought to be best if you want the maximum cleansing effect.

The detox basically consists of drinking 3 glasses on cranberry juice a day, the recipe which I’ll get into later. You drink each glass about 10 minutes before a main meal, so breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In terms of what you’ll be eating, you can eat all the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains you want, but nothing else. That means no meats, dairy products, and definitely no processed foods. And, of course, organic foods would be preferred.

RecipeWhat’s The Recipe?

The recipe is simple and consists of only four ingredients. You’ll need 100 percent pure cranberry juice, distilled water, apple pectin, and psyllium fiber.

All of this should be easily found at a GNC, or local nutrition store. The cranberry juice is also likely to be found and an organic food store.

As far as the ratio, it’s one part cranberry juice to 4 parts water. I recommend 3 ounces cranberry juice mixed with 12 ounces of distilled water.

One teaspoon on the pectin and fiber each should be sufficient. When you mix it all up, it’ll be about 16 ounces worth of drink, so when drunk three times a day, it comes up to about 6 servings daily.

Dandelion SupplementsIn addition to  the actual cranberry juice recipe, there are certain supplements that should taken to make sure you have the most beneficial detoxification possible.

There are two supplements and they are dandelion leaf capsules and astragalus capsules.

The dandelion leaf capsules are to be taken during the first week, two capsules twice daily for a total of 4 capsules daily. They enhance the cleansing power of the cranberry juice.

On the start of the second week, you stop taking the dandelion capsules and replace them with the astragalus capsules.

They are also taken twice daily, two capsules at a time. The astragalus capsules help with the lymphatic system, which is connected to your immune system and how well your body fights infection, so taking them is ideal.

Go BackTransitioning Back

Most people will find that they are properly detoxified after week two. That being said, it’s not a good idea to just jump back to prior eating habits without transitioning.

Week three is thus a transitioning week. During week three, you don’t have to take any of the supplemental capsules.

In fact, you can even remove the psyllium fiber and apple pectin from your mixture and simply continue drinking diluted cranberry juice.

This week is also the week to reintroduce lean meats and low fat dairy into your diet. And voila, you’re done. The following week you can go back to normal eating habits.

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